Undertsand Love,O’ Young Lovers!

Relationships are based on feelings. I don’t know how people have started stating the definitions for Love & relationships. I remember the times, when ‘people in love’ were quite evident from far sight.
All the prettiest emotions used to come out of them and a sigh of contentment when the name of their lover used to be taken.
Nowadays, love has got another definition. People look forward to soothe their head than heart. It’s a matter of fun,fame and in some cases fate.
Life has become too simpler for the lovers.

There used to be the stories of the lovers dying to live their love. Romeo Juliet; Heer Ranjha; Soni Mahiwal – they are true inspiration for the young lovers. How these true souls migitate themselves to live their love beyond life. If world is against, surely not the almighty. Fighting through all the odds and evens,they eloped to the world of their dreams and emotions. Love has given them the happiness that’s beyond these worldly things.
Often people say, it’s easier said than done. True. In today’s world, Where has sanity gone? Love used to move mountains, shake the lands, do all the wonders. What has happen to love?
Is it that the true love faded with the death of all the true souls ever in love. Did this world win an upper hand?

On one part of the story, people died because they couldn’t survive their love and the other part of the story, We hear Divorces.
This is not possible. We need to understand the main cause. Love is the loveliest feeling,an inexpressible emotion, a limitless thought and a dreamy reality. Love is never so complex and never so easy. It’s just the best thing one can get and never lose. It’s a lifetime opportunity.
To all the young generation lovers, if it’s not worth you, not so good not so bad, not so interesting, not so boring, not so exciting and not so compromising then probably it’s just not for YOU.
If you are in true love, nothing will ever matter. If it is the best thing happened to you earlier,it will be the best forever. Love never fades away,people do.
Take time to fall in love, and when you fall,fall completely and you will see yourself rising about all the wordly thoughts.
Because some things come unexpectedly, you may never know. And when it comes, it changes you forever.

Stay Strong, Stay Blessed and Stay in Love.


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