Life has always been partial to you , That’s why its your life. . πŸ€“

There were times of adolescent age when i used to be triggered by anger and feel sad on how life cheats on me. Be it a loving relationship with friends or family, be it studying hard and achieving low scores, be it not able to get what you thought of.

Yes, at my 19’s i had the same feeling of feeling rejected of my thoughts. I felt that lifewas cheating onto me and i had no wisdom to take decisions of my own. Well, time and tide waits for none. And that’s what happens at anybody’s life. We wait for answers and ask no questions. We think we are ready for new world of entering 20s but cannot be ready for any responsibility.

Life in its own way is special and unique. Like it is said “Before time and luck, nothing can be achieved” Β . With time we tend to realise that either this is your time now or things were never meant to be.

With every night, comes a morning. With every moon, comes a sunlight. With every pain, comes some gain. And so with every falling , comes abundance learning.

We need to ponder and trust that our life will be just perfect for us. Since , its my life -it is going to favor me.

And with all the magic ‘you will tend to believe the beauty of universal truth. That is our life and our existence has some special meaning. We are here for a special reason.

So-just move on. Believe in the step forward. Look at past only with the view to clean the mirror and see the path of future.

Be ready and allow your life to give some lemons to you, so that you have a chance to have a tastiest lemonade. πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜†


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