Look through JohnJacob’s Lens . . 😎

I recently got a chance to visit John Jacobs , Galleria Market  in Gurgaon, INDIA.

This was a mere meeting and greeting with the people who are behind the working of these  lens. They invited few bloggers and influencers to see a whole new range of their glasses and show the world what is visible to them.


While visiting the site, i had many questions like why choose John Jacobs ? Why choose premium eyewear brand? What is so special about your eyewear range.

I entered with certain beliefs and questions in my mind. I saw  each single glass kept at different section with the character of the frame/glass stated just below it. I took a round and came back to the same position. Wondering what i just saw.

They make sure to give each single glasses it’s respective position. They treat it not just an eye wear but an identity to an individual.

Each eye wear had a description. I wanted something casual yet bold eye wear. When i walked through , I saw their RODEO COLLECTION- PURPLE FRAME AND BLACK GLASSES. I , at that very instant knew, that i have to try it of at least once. And ofcourse,  #JOHNJACOBSEYEWEAR  don’t give you any chance to just try things out. They take away your heart as soon as you put your hands forward to their collection.


With fun filled staff and good range of their collection , i wanted to experience each and every glass that suit my personality. I could typically see swings in my personality with every eyewear i swapped.

Oh Lovely !

After choosing my specific piece of art, I was informed that they are running a fun trivia and whosoever wins it , wins any of their masterpiece.


What’s next ??

I knew that the one i chose, had to stay with Only Me.

I fortunately Won the trivia πŸ˜€ and got my kind of glasses absolutely free. .

Thanking John Jacobs for their Lovely Collection and a beautiful Gift.

I absolutely , see each bright morning with your lens πŸ™‚



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