I have a keen interest knowing emerging brands and see what they have to offer while they enter this competitive market with already established brands.

So, Now This Find happened to me while Online Window Shopping. I wanted a BLACK MAXI DRESS for myself. I searched through every single online website and every single brand offered long black gowns or maxi.

Girls, We usually encounter this  problem. When we find something super amazing, either it’s already Sold Out or it’s way too expensive to meet your pocket.Well, this was exactly my case and i wanted something just good enough for me.

While scrolling the window , I saw this specific brand offering nearly 10-12 Dresses in Black ! ?

Really !! I mean it.

And ofcourse, I instantly looked at the other two factors – Price /Availablity. to my amazement, there was a huge discount of 65% on this specific gown i was looking for.

I was unknown of this brand and wanted to know more. You will be amazed that Femella is on almost all major shopping platform. How could i not find this brand pretty early?

Well, Fingers crossed. When you get things at nearly half of what you had on your budget : You doubt it’s quality, size fitting and what not. ?

I ordered my Femella Black Maxi with Keyhole from MYNTRA . 😀 😀

Oh yes !! I received it within few days and trust me ! What a Fabric, What a Quality and What a Price !!

I just cannot help but thank FEMELLA for being so generous to ladies out there.

You may check their Website : FEMELLA

Trust me , Try it once, and you will not regret your buy.

BTW, I got this dress for INR 660+Shipping:D

You may see and comment on how was my look for the day :


I am Sure to try their many other offerings !

So girls what are you waiting for , You may buy the same dress from any of the following Portal :


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