Protection from Alienated Germs #ColgateMagicalStories

“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.

This time, Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited, has launched the “Magical Space Adventure” special packs for kids to discover a whole new magical universe and create their own stories every day.

We know, every kid has a special power of imagining things beyond this world. Be it a world of chocolates, a world of ice-creams or may be a whole universe with Space Adventure.

Through Colgate India, I got a chance to rekindle my relationship with my niece and nephew, travel with them to their world of vivid imagination and help them learn.


Check few pictures, how busy these little flowers were in creating a new story.


With nearly 15 different space Characters, These Kids – Hargun Kaur and Simar Singh were able to create amazing stories.

They were full of ideas and innovation, Let me share what story did they create !!

Once upon a time there was a boy, like many others , he had a dream to travel space, be mesmerized by the beauty of the universe and indulge in all the space adventure. Every night , before sleeping, he would think of touching stars , kissing Moon and dancing with the SUN.

One night, while he was slept, he got a beautiful dream, –> He had his own Rocket and beautiful Space Suit. He jumped in his Rocket and traveled through the earth. He went up to the space and met a dancing Sun, he got so happy believing that he is finally living up his dream. Suddenly, He saw a big dark UFO coming towards him. Unknown of the fact, that grass is not always greener. . He saw a weird alien coming out of the UFO to hit him. He got really afraid. He thought that this Alien will destroy his rocket and he will never be able to get back to his planet earth. He moved apart and ran to save his life.

He Shouted . . ” Help me, Save me !! ”

But this big alien , gave mercy to none. NOT EVEN A KID !!

The Alien grabbed his rocket and rolled the boy down. .

With such a disturbed dream, the Boy woke up. He got so much hurt and started to realize that this dream was disturbing because he had a toothache which did not let him have a peaceful dream. He then, related the giant green alien to the Germs in our mouth.

He asked his mother for a help. She gave him an ordinary tooth paste to take care of his teeth.

Next day, the boy was fully prepared to complete his dream. At Night, He slept again and with all the beautiful thoughts running through his mind, he started to have another Space Adventure in his dream.

He got so excited this time, as he was sure there was no turning back. He ride across the whole universe, saw many beautiful things. He saw a spinning planet and started to spin too. Wow, he felt above cloud nine !!

Unknowing of the happening, he saw someone attacking him from behind.  It was no one else but a Man with a Gun. The poor little boy got so scared again.

He didn’t know what he should do now, and so much afraid he woke up from his dream. He felt so bad and realized that it was again his toothache that made him to get up from a beautiful dream.

He went to his mother for Help again.

His mother couldn’t understand what was the problem. She took him to the Dentist and the Dentist recommended using Colgate Toothpaste twice a day. 

The boy again with a heavy heart , brushed his teeth and went to sleep. He had no idea that this time, he was going to experience a beautiful dream. He started the dream with a slow pace rocket being launched. While traveling through the space, this time he happened to meet another Pretty Astronaut. She smiled and accompanied him to show her the way to a beautiful planet.

This was exactly what he wanted. He asked the girl where she was, she said ” I am Colgate Calci Lock Protector” I am here to help you enjoy yummy delights without worrying to wake up with Toothache.

They went to the new planet full of ice-cream and chocolates. Finally, The boy accomplished his dream and sparkled a beautiful smile.








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