Royal Pampering @TrueFitt & Hill

This Women’s Day  – 08.03.2017 , there was absolute different experience.

I have heard my friends speak about the luxurious experience and grooming sessions  they have at Truefitt and Hill. And, It was something which made me jealous every single time.

I am being Honest 😀

This Women’s Day, Truefitt & Hill decided “Why should Boys have all the fun?”

And, Invited Ladies to their Restricted Men Only Bastion.

Truefitt and Hill is the oldest and most luxurious barbershop in the world. For over two centuries, they have been grooming men for greatness. They offer wide range of grooming services that is  designed t groom gentlemen to perfection. Known as a purveyor of the finest quality of traditional English fragrances, shaving requisites and men’s grooming kit, the barbershop offers its exclusive clientele a new level of luxury service unrivalled anywhere in the world.

I received the invitation for their Store in Gurgaon, Haryana. I gave no single thought and gave acceptance to their offerings. Who wouldn’t like to be treated as Highness !! 😀

I visited them at 6 pm and was welcomed by Mr. Anoop.

I was mesmerized how enthusiastic he was to explain about the history associated with Truefitt & Hill. He showed me each and every room and the services offered here. He also helped me choose the right kind of fragrance.

I was so delighted by the architecture of the salon. Each and every item placed reflected the royal culture of this place. Unknowingly, I had this sense of pride of belonging here.

I mean, really , the Men are so privileged.



I went upstairs to a personal room which was designed for peaceful luxury experience.

I was told that they had something special for me : Peel Off Mask for my Skin Type. I had no idea how a Men’s Salon could take care of Sensitive Skin of a Lady. ??

But of-course,known for their truly luxury sessions and grooming care, I had to give a chance.

Mr. Faizan was given the duty to take care of my skin and special needs. I  was so ready to experience this holy experience.

See some pictures , and you will know how beautiful i felt after this session.

I am unsure whether Truefitt & Hill is going to give ladies another chance to enter there Restricted Men Only Bastion , but i have to request them to keep coming with Women’s Offer every once in a while. Afterall, Why should Boys have all the fun ??


THANK YOU TRUEFITT & HILL FOR ROYAL EXPERIENCE, You made me feel like a Queen !!

You can follow them on :




Visit their Website to know more.


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